Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Old book reviews from late 2010

I found these written on a piece of paper - thought I'd record them here for posterity and completeness.

4.5 stars
"1984" George Orwell
"Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations" David R. Montgomery

4 stars
"All Quiet on the Western Front" Erich Maria Remarque
"Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows" JK Rowling
"Three Cups of Tea" Greg Mortenson - since found out to be a fraud!
"Sword of Red Ice" JV Jones
"Watcher of the Dead" JV Jones
"The Name of the Wind" Patrick Rothfuss

3.5 stars
"Just Food" James E. McWilliams
"The Happy Economist" Ross Gittins

3 stars
"Family Friendly Farming" Joel Salatin
"Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince" JK Rowling
"Primal Blueprint" Mark Sisson
"Paleo Diet" Loren Cordain
"Why Men Are Necessary" Richard Glover
"Sword of Shanara" Terry Brooks
"Lifeboat Cities" Brendan Gleeson 
"The Totem Pole" Paul Pritchard

2.5 stars
"Public Produce" Damin Nordahl
"Back from the Brink" Peter Andrews

2 stars
"Amazon Adventure" Willard Price

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